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Specialized in water treatment plant design and engineering


Concord Technology Co., Ltd (CTC) is a professional water treatment engineering company in the field of ultra pure water (UPW) system, wastewater reclaim (WWR) and wastewater treatment systems. The authorized capital is NT$200 million. CTC is a prominent turnkey solution provider including system design, construction, execution, maintenance and consumables replacement. We offer RO system, Ion Exchange Resin System, UV Disinfection System, EDI System, MBR, Activated Carbon Filtration and UF System.




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Concord Technology is an innovative company and your best partner


Most of CTC’s customers are from high-tech electronic industries such as solar energy, LED, IC semi-conductor and LCD related technical industries. Recently, CTC has successfully developed pharmaceutical and overseas markets. To provide customers with better conserve water usage and advanced technologies, we continue to do a variety of researches of wastewater reclaim and wastewater treatment systems. By applying many pilot tests to effectively collect related data and experiments, we are highly experienced in ceramic membrane technology, using ozone and UV to remove organic from wastewater, MBBR for treating wastewater containing organic compounds, applying UF filtration to remove cutting wastewater at IC factory, removing low concentration polluted wastewater by antifouling RO membrane, and technique using air stripping or biological reactive to remove ammonia nitrogen from wastewater. CTC will goal to position as a green, energy-saving, environmental protection engineering services industry in the future.




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Satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers


CTC puts a lot of emphasis on employee benefits. “Satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers” is our management philosophy. Therefore, we strive to create a comfortable work environment, and offer more lucrative benefits than other competitors in order to reduce employee turnover, and in hopes of improving the cohesion of the enterprise. Also, we hope to attract more talents to join CTC family to work together for creating high customer satisfaction, and offer top level of heart touching services to our customers.