Automation Control Systems, Programming and Wiring.

All automation control systems, programming and wiring are designed and assembled in house to standardized control logic in order to shorten troubleshooting time.

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Large warehouse in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan-Safety Stock Management

Five large warehouses in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan with area of 4,959m² are ready for abundant imported parts from Europe, U.S.A. and Japan which is not only lower the cost of goods procurement, and also enable to meet customers’ emergency requests.

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Manufacturing Factory- all equipments and systems are assembled in house.

The Headquarters locates in Taichung Precision Machinery R&D Park with a spacious space and equipped with advanced tools. Our own manufacturing factory is a key advantage for quick assembling, and also effectively control equipments quality and production costs.

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Water Analysis Laboratory-we provide a variety of credible laboratory analyses.

The laboratory is equipped with ranges of analytical instruments to offer various water analysis services for different water samples.


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 0.1μm Particle Counter  TOC Analyzer
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Setting up R&D Department to elevate efficiency in dealing with system troubleshooting and develop new technology.

CTC set up R&D department in 2012, aims to deal with troubleshooting issues and new technology development. By applying many pilot tests to effectively collect related data and experiments, so far CTC has successfully developed new projects such as water treatment system for pharmaceutical industrial, ceramic membrane technology, nitrogen wastewater technology, iron removal system, Qwater, etc.


Record all Maintenance and Transaction Record in Detail
  • We notify customers the right time to replace the consumables according to the detailed maintenance and transaction record we kept.
  • Within the maintenance report we list the data both before and after the maintenance and also make suggestions.
  • We provide customers with the maintenance report and also save it in our database for customers to consult anytime.
  • Maintenance process is recorded in pictures that are attached to the maintenance report. (See below for example)



User Friendly LCD Screen Monitor
  • CTC stays a jump ahead of our competition with our innovated technology.
  • Monitor operation is ease of use. Operation parameter can be configured via HMI.
  • The display of line chart enables the users to follow real-time and historical trending.
  • Real-time and historical alarm messages instant display.
  • Web enabled service and diagnostics.
  • Traditional flowchart board is replaced by industrial computer with LCD screen.




  • Instant alarm messages appear on the LCD screen in the form of scrolling text.
  • Built-in maintenance service reminder.
  • Detailed product information and manual.
  • Alarm message description and clearing suggestions.
  • Detailed tracking of operation processes.
  • System function time display. 


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  • Distributed HMI stations.
  • It supports both Traditional Chinese and English.
  • User management and access protection.
  • Dynamic animation display.
All-inclusive Service
  • To keep our best service quality, CTC expands service team in time to be in match with the growing customer number.
  • we  designate regular sales and full-time field service engineers to every customer.
  • Commonly used consumables are available all time.
  • We notify customers include the service time and staff in-charge via e-mail and text messages ahead of time. All maintenance service is supervised and followed up by managers.
  • We are the host to regular technical training and knowledge exchange seminar.
  • No charge for the service fee if customers are not satisfied with our maintenance services.
24 Hour On-Call Service

Service Enginner’s cell phone fees are all afforded by CTC.:

  • CTC service engineers are 24 hours on call.
  • Instant answer to phone calls from customers.
  • We reply your questions with patience and prudence.
Strict Arrangement for the Site
  • Two system engineers and one electrical engineer will be supervising over the Site to ensure there is no issue on the outsourced case.
  • On-site system engineer will forward the photos recording the construction condition and progress through e-mails to customers and also our managers every day or the next day the latest. (See below for example)