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Qwater 機動淨水設備


3D Diagram

Qwater High-Mobility Water Purification

The system is module designed on movable skid and it can be combined with car to achieve multipurpose of water purification. There are 5 stages of standard purification procedures: Pretreatment (BioNET), Main Treatment (Activated Carbon and UF purification), Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination and UV sterilization.

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Quick Assembling

Well Trained People Need only 30 minutes

Untrained people need 90 minutes

Qwater 機動淨水設備 快速組裝-1 Qwater 機動淨水設備 快速組裝 Qwater 機動淨水設備 快速組裝-3


Safe+ Healthy + Drinkable

  Qwater is module designed on movable skid. Depending on water usage requirement and inlet water quality, the system can compose most suitable water purification module combination to satisfy your needs. Furthermore, the modules at each stage are unified with fast connection design. Those modules can be operating in series or parallel connection to expand the production. The product water is safe, healthy and drinkable and meets drinking water standards of all countries.


Remote Areas / Emergency Service / Seawater Desalination /F oul Water Purification

Remote Areas: Residents of those areas are not able to have drinking water due to undeliverable of water pipelines.


Emergency Service (Drought, Hurricanes and Flooding): In desperate need of alternative water sources due to rising water turbidity after hurricanes and flooding.


Seawater Desalination: The demand of drinking water on yacht, offshore fishing and groundwater sources near sea coasts are needed.


Foul Water Purification (Lake, River and Rainwater): Qwater can improve foul water into quality drinking water sources effectively to enhance water utilization.


Quick Assembling + Stable + Modularizing+ Flexible+ Simple

Quick Assembling: Mobile Water is easy to assemble. It only needs 2 untrained people to complete the assembly in 90 minutes.

Stable Production: Mobile Water can serve drinking water for 5000 people per day which is around 5,000L/D with only 1 M2 of installation area requirement. Mobile Water can filter turbidity in water as high as 2,000 NTU and still ensure product water to be qualified for drinking water standard.

Modularizing: Mobile water is module designed to satisfy all kinds of water purifying needs from different water sources. Parallel installation can increase production.

Flexible: Compact design, easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport.

Ease of operation: Fully automatic control. Easy to learn operation without professional skill required.


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